Simple introduction of electrical heating pipes

2023-05-10 14:39

Electric heating pipes are achieved by converting electrical energy into heat energy. According to reports, the application of electric heating pipes is widely used, and it is particularly good at heating of oil and fuel oil.

Principles of electric heating pipe work

Electric heating pipes are a kind of power consumption energy converted to heat energy to heat up heating materials. The low -temperature flow medium enters its input port under pressure through the pipeline, and follows the internal heating container in the internal heating container. The temperature of the heating medium is increased, and the export of electric heating pipes is required to get high -temperature media requirements.

The internal control system inside the electric heating pipe is automatically adjusted according to the temperature sensor signal of the output outlet to automatically adjust the output power of the thermal pipe to make the medium temperature of the output port uniform; when the heating element is super temperature, the independent overheating protection device of the heating element immediately cuts off the heating power to avoid heating materials to avoid heating materials Hyper temperature causes coordinates, deterioration, and carbonization, which causes the heating elements to burn out in severe cases, and effectively extend the service life of the electric heating pipe.

Electric heating pipe application range

1. The chemical industry in the chemical industry is heating and heating, adding some powder drying under a certain pressure, and the process of chemical process and spraying drying must be achieved through the electric heating pipe.

2. Heat the hydrocarbons, including petroleum crude oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, heat conduction oil, oil, stone wax, etc.

3. Make water, overheating steam, melting salt, nitrogen (empty) gas, water and gas, etc.

4. Due to the advanced explosion -proof structure, equipment can be widely used in chemical, military, oil, natural gas, maritime platforms, ships, mining areas and other explosion -proof places.

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