Hot Runner Coil Heater Heating Element

when thicker metal in an alternating magnetic field, it will produce electric current .The metal current become stronger , temperature of metal became higher. The device is a kind of energy-saving equipment . it is installed in the combustion equipment before combusting

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hot runner heater

                                  Hot Runner Heater Product Details



SUS304  /  Brass (If other requests please advise)

Heater Section Size:

Standard 2.2*4.2mm, 3*3mm (any other requests please advise)

Insulation :

High purity MgO

Heating Element:


Resistance tolerance:


Max power density: 



Injection molding machine, extruder, medical equipment ect

Hot Runner Coil Heaterspring Coil HeaterHow to order Hot Runner Coil Heater from shengfumei?

1. Heater Inside Diameter

2. Heater Length

3. Working Voltage

4. Power (watt)

5. If need to customize other details please advise. 

hot runner heater

Q: What is the lead time for shengfumei products?

A: Samples - within 3-7 work days with materials in stock

 Bulk  - usually 7-14 days (depends on quantity and raw material situation, please further discuss with our team. )


Q: What is the MOQ for shengfumei products?

A: Reheat products produced with common materials can be ordered at 2pcs.


Q: Do you manufacture custom parts?

A: Yes. We have thousands of designs in our files of custom heaters and sensors designed for every imaginable application. Our Sales and Engineering teams are here to help you design a product that fits your needs.


Q: If we have heating projects, how to progress project design or select a product?

A: We have professional sales to provide pre-sale consulting services and engineering team for technical support. Any questions about products or technical questions please communicate with our sales team and provide specific applications and requirements.

Hot Runner Coil Heater

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