How to choose the material of the dry heating electric heating tube?

2023-05-11 16:31

Dry-burning electric heating tubes are special. The material of electric heating tubes is not fixed. It is based on the temperature of the use environment to determine what material to use for electric heating tubes. In order to ensure the service life of the dry-burning electric heating tube, it is necessary to carry out corresponding temperature control.

1. Air dry burning, hot air circulation, drying process:

Applied to industrial electric auxiliary heating, environmental protection equipment, pipeline electric heater, drying room, paint room, drying oven, dryer/box and other working equipment, and is also commonly used in various materials (such as wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint, etc.) , various particles and other materials) heating and drying treatment.

Second, the heating of metal objects:

It is often used for heating metal parts such as extrusion, injection molds, casting molds, stamping molds, packaging and sealing machines.

When used for mold heating, due to the difference in mold material, size, and heat transfer performance, the heating speed and surface temperature of the mold electric heating rod and the mold workpiece are different, and the temperature transfer also has a certain time difference.

3. Solid hot melt working condition environment:

1) Low melting point metal hot melting: melting tin, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc.

2) Non-metal hot melting: melting of paraffin, saltpeter and other salt substances.

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